Chapter 1: Blast From the Class

1st Sep 2017, 1:00 AM in Chapter 1: Blast From the Class
Chapter 1: Blast From the Class
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Author Notes:

Amazing Chris Godbey Fri, September 1st, 2017
Amazing Chris Godbey

Welcome to "Weird in a Can"!

This is a project that's been dear to me for well over a decade now, having been begun when I was a teenager.
After several cancellations and starting over again and again, I feel like I've finally reached the point where I'm ready to show it to the world.

I hope you enjoy it!


jmluvsbob Tue, December 21st, 2021
And what a way to get started with a shadow punch to the face! Been interested in reading this for a moment, so excited to see what it has to offer.
Amazing Chris Godbey Fri, December 24th, 2021
Amazing Chris Godbey
Hope you like what you find!
_Lady_Jess_ Fri, February 3rd, 2023
I'm excited to start reading this! (My story I started over ten years ago and am now back at it.)
Amazing Chris Godbey Fri, February 3rd, 2023
Amazing Chris Godbey
Never too late!
_Lady_Jess_ Fri, February 3rd, 2023
This is true!!
ByrneHouse Wed, March 15th, 2023
Oh, hey I've got a great idea! let's dip the main character in a vat of ink and let you fight HIM before the end boss!
Amazing Chris Godbey Wed, March 15th, 2023
Amazing Chris Godbey
George is a hardcore shadowboxer.