30th Mar 2023, 12:00 AM in Chapter 12: The Test Is Yet to Come
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Author Notes:

Amazing Chris Godbey Thu, March 30th, 2023
Amazing Chris Godbey
First off, thanks to my friend Brian (the real-life inspiration for Phil) for coming up with that line in panel 5 when I was telling him my idea for this story.

Secondly, I was really tempted to title this chapter "Beard in a Can", but knew it'd spoil the ending.

Thirdly, this concludes "The Test Is Yet to Come" (which is also a spoilery title, now that I think about it)! It might be a bit before the next chapter, because...I haven't even written it yet. But it's coming.

And lastly, WiaC is on Facebook and Twitter, and the first book is for sale on IndyPlanet


Jeremy7 Fri, March 31st, 2023
...when I googled the factory's purpose, I thought it was a NAIR bomb send by bald terrorists

also is that kevin smith
Amazing Chris Godbey Fri, March 31st, 2023
Amazing Chris Godbey
It's not Nair, but Rogaine.
The terrorists had developed what they felt was a superior way to regrow hair, but the facility turned them down because it'd put 'em out of business, so they built the bomb for revenge.

Nah, it's Liz's ex-boyfriend, DJ.
eekee Fri, March 31st, 2023
Beard bomb! XD ... I'd be annoyed; I've just shaved mine off.
Amazing Chris Godbey Fri, March 31st, 2023
Amazing Chris Godbey
Luckily, it's only temporary. The Weirdo Trio will be clean-shaven again next time we see 'em.
_Lady_Jess_ Sat, May 13th, 2023
Hey, that was a pretty entertaining chapter! I enjoyed it as much as the others.... And now I'm all caught up!
Amazing Chris Godbey Sat, May 13th, 2023
Amazing Chris Godbey
Glad you enjoyed it!

And I apologize for the wait til the next story, because it's probably gonna be a little bit til it's ready.
_Lady_Jess_ Sat, May 13th, 2023
Nah, it's okay! :) I'm happy I caught up.
There's so many webcomics to read on here I'm subscribed to, so that'll keep me busy in the meantime.