28th Jul 2022, 9:00 AM in Chapter 11: What the Tux? - Part Two
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Amazing Chris Godbey Thu, July 28th, 2022
Amazing Chris Godbey
And that brings us to the conclusion of "What the Tux?", the first "season finale" of Weird in a Can!

Thank you so much to all my readers and commenters and subscribers for your support these last five years.
I'm honored that you folks like my dumb cartoon stories almost as much as I like making 'em!

There's still a lot more WiaC on the way, and I can't wait to share it with you guys!


Danny McLimmon Thu, July 28th, 2022
Danny McLimmon
This ending makes me feel nostalgic for the kinds of TV shows I watched growing up. It has that feel to it.

And I'm kind of glad that punch bowl guy finally gets his revenge, even though George repeatedly spitting on him was unintentional.
Amazing Chris Godbey Fri, July 29th, 2022
Amazing Chris Godbey
Glad to hear it! Would those shows have aired in the early-mid 2000s? If so, that's very reassuring to me, since this comic is set in late '04.

Honestly, George probably agrees that he deserves it.
Danny McLimmon Fri, July 29th, 2022
Danny McLimmon
For me, it probably would've been the '90s that I saw those shows, but perhaps they were still airing in the following decade. I think it's just the standard sitcom convention of "lots of crazy stuff happened, but in the end, we remembered it fondly," that's supposed to keep the show grounded in a comfortable groove. I watched a lot of sitcom-type shows growing up, so I guess that's the kind of entertainment I connect with.