3rd Oct 2019, 12:00 AM in Chapter 6: Donut Mess With Me
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Author Notes:

Amazing Chris Godbey Thu, October 3rd, 2019
Amazing Chris Godbey
Will David get the donuts? I'm sure the suspense is killing you. But...you'll have to wait til next week! See you Tuesday!


jmluvsbob Mon, December 27th, 2021
Speaking of broke, I hope they’re getting paid or something for this whole adventure.
Amazing Chris Godbey Tue, December 28th, 2021
Amazing Chris Godbey
So do they.
_Lady_Jess_ Mon, March 13th, 2023
Donuts are important! I like how this page flows and reads.
Amazing Chris Godbey Mon, March 13th, 2023
Amazing Chris Godbey
Thanks! I played around a bit more with pacing and camera angles in this one. I'm glad that it helps.
_Lady_Jess_ Tue, March 14th, 2023
Yeah, you did a good job. :)