Five Years of Weird in a Can!

by Amazing Chris Godbey on Thu, September 1st, 2022
On September 1, 2017, I launched WiaC by uploading all 21 pages of the first chapter, "Blast From the Class".

Five years, ten chapters, 11 Intermissions, two holiday specials, and 264 pages later, here we are!
Weird in a Can has allowed me to grow as a writer and artist, as well as introducing me to several really cool people, and giving me opportunities that I didn't have before.

I want to give a big shout-out to you, my readers, for joining me as I present this silly high-school sitcom in comic form. I know the update schedule has been incredibly inconsistent, with frequent hiatuses, but you stuck with me anyway. Thank you for that!

I definitely planned to end this five-year anniversary post with a big announcement...but things didn't come through in time. So, whenever it's ready, we can just have a belated celebration, I guess?

And lastly, because I wanna give you folks SOMETHING...I, uh, updated the Cast page with new artwork and rewrote the bios. That's...something, right?

Anyway, happy five years of Weird in a Can, and here's to many more!


eekee Fri, September 2nd, 2022
So now you've got 5 years of Weird in the can.
Now I'm seeing Liz's grumpy face in the background and thinking she heard that.

With my memory, I always appreciate cast page work. Thanks dude!
Amazing Chris Godbey Fri, September 2nd, 2022
Amazing Chris Godbey
Ooh, good one!
Even though groaning at puns is more George's thing, Liz's reaction is quite appropriate, too.
eekee Tue, September 6th, 2022
Thanks! XD