Halloween piece and some other news!

by Amazing Chris Godbey on Sun, October 24th, 2021
This year's Halloween piece is now up in the gallery!

It's got the Weirdo Trio dressed as the hosts of EC's classic horror comics: The Haunt of Fear, Tales From the Crypt, and The Vault of Horror!

In other news, once again, this trio makes a cameo in a recent page of Bananas (as usual, warning for language)!

I've also started a side comic project: a gag-a-day, infrequently-updated comic strip called "Draw, O Coward", taking inspiration from stuff like "The Far Side" and the comics of The New Yorker!

And yes, I'm aware this comic hasn't updated since June. Chapter 10 is currently in the process of being drawn, with Chapter 11* following shortly. It'll happen, I promise!

* That's the eleventh chapter of WiaC, not bankruptcy.