Chapter 1: Blast From the Class

George gets voluenteered to test Phil's teleporter. Liz tries to join the "in crowd".

Chapter 2: A Light Meal

A light bulb, a catgirl, and a suspicious boyfriend! What else do you need?

Chapter 3: Gnome Away From Home

One weekend, George hits the seas with his family while Phil and Liz have very different experiences walking through town.

Chapter 4: Queen of Clubs

Liz thinks school clubs are the fast-track to popularity. Meanwhile, detectives George and Phil go to clear their name after being framed for vandalism.

Chapter 5: Crush Test Dummy

Phil needs an ethernet cable for a class project. Liz tries to play matchmaker between George and her friend, Cassandra.

Chapter 6: Donut Mess With Me

George tells the story of the epic adventure his little brothers had over the weekend.

Chapter 7: Puppy Love

George is kidnapped by a weird cult, and Phil and Liz go to rescue him.

Chapter 8: Saturday Knight Fever

Liz makes a BIG mistake with a love letter. George and Phil have an adventure in the land of disco.

Chapter 9: This Bites

What are the odds that Liz's boyfriend is a vampire? More or less likely that George and Phil will ever finish inputting the cheat code for their game?

Chapter 10: What the Tux? - Part One

The school dance is upon us! Liz arrives with Vlad, Phil with Princess Summer, and George with a thirst for punch.

Chapter 11: What the Tux? - Part Two

At the dance, Liz's association with Vlad is proving to be a problem, Phil attempts to avoid dancing, and George is on the run from a glitching robot!

Chapter 12: The Test Is Yet to Come

Liz recruits George to help her pass a science test, Phil is harassed by a mysterious bearded guy.

Halloween Special: Fear in a Can

On Halloween of 2006, the Weirdo Trio find themselves invited to a party at a castle by a mysterious host.

Christmas Special: The Three Scrooges

'twas the night before Christmas, and George, Phil, and Liz are visited by three familiar spirits...